KB105 - Clearfly Voice Activation Process & Service Test Number


As Clearfly has grown so has the need to tighten up some of our processes while still providing the best possible customer experience. A common complaint from customers with newly-provisioned Clearfly voice service was the lack of a clearly defined billing start date, so we asked ourselves: what if we could provide our customers and partners with the ability to fully test their new service before billing was active, while giving them the flexibility to fully activate their service only when they were ready?

A well-defined activation process

To accomplish these goals, we went back to basics altered the flow of our voice orders as follows:

  1. While we are collecting information from the customer or partner, the order is in the Pending status

  2. Once we have received all of the information necessary to configure voice service, the order is Submitted for provisioning

  3. When the voice services have been provisioned, the order progresses to the Firm Order Commit (FOC) status

    • At this point the trunk is fully provisioned and you will receive an FOC email containing your configuration details

    • All inbound calling to numbers listed as active in the FOC email will complete normally

    • All outbound calling is suspended, except for calls to 911, Clearfly (+1.866.652.7520) and the service test line (+1.406.206.4848)

  4. Once you have completed testing and are ready to activate outbound service on your trunks simply open the voice group order in the Clearfly Portal and click Complete

    • Technicians are only available for voice activation during normal business hours (8AM-5PM Mountain, Monday-Friday)

    • Billing will commence immediately upon activation

    • The order is now Complete and you will receive a final email summarizing the order

Ensuring everything works

Even though outbound calling is suspended on the newly-provisioned service, you can access Clearfly’s dedicated service test line by dialing +1.406.206.4848. Upon call setup you will be prompted for an authorization code, which will have been provided in the FOC email. Enter the full code, including the *. Once successfully authorized, the test line allows you to verify your service as follows:

  • Press 1 to verify two-way audio. You will be prompted to say something and press the # key. The system will then play back what you said and return you to the main menu.

  • Press 2 for ANI (caller-ID) readback. This option will simply read back the caller-ID number of your current call.

  • Press 3 for DTMF verification. You will be prompted to enter some digits followed by the # key. The system will then read back all of the digits you entered except for the #.