Digium Common Issues

Trunks register, but the system is unable to make or receive calls

This issue can occur if your system is registering using SIP-TLS as transport, but is unable to support encrypted media (SRTP). Clearfly requires encrypted media if your system is registered via SIP-TLS.

Starting in version 7.3.1, Switchvox systems will prioritize SIP-TLS as a transport over UDP if registering to a DNS hostname. Since Clearfly supports SIP-TLS, the system will register correctly, but when a call is made or received it will fail if the Switchvox isn't configured to support SRTP. This problem was supposed to be resolved in version 7.4, but wasn't. Until the problem is resolved, there are a few potential %workarounds:

  • Downgrade to a version below 7.3.1
  • Enable encrypted media (SRTP) on your system, if possible
  • Register to an IP address instead of a hostname. This is not a recommended long-term solution, as systems registered to an IP address will not be able to fail over to a backup IP address if Clearfly is performing maintenance or experiences an outage.