Here you can find a collection of various resources and guides

Name Description
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
cFax Resources Guides and Frequently Asked Questions about cFax
Useful Phone Numbers Useful Phone Numbers (Remote Voicemail/Call Forward, Testing, etc)
Feature (Star) Codes for Analog/Hosted Services Lists the supported *XX codes and their functionality
CPE Common Issues Router / Firewall Common Issues
CPE Install Guides Guides for installing Clearfly Customer Premise Equipment (Adtran devices)
Interoperability Information Interoperability Guides and Tips for IP PBXs
Peering Policy Clearfly Communications BGP Peering Policy
Looking Glass Clearfly Communications BGP Looking Glass
SIP Authorization Tester A simple utility to verify the Authorization headers in your SIP packets.
Knowledge Base
ID Description
KB100 How Clearfly's Call Fraud Detection Works
KB101 How Caller ID works
KB102 Different Types of Call Forwarding
KB103 Trunk State Management
KB104 How Clearfly Handles Account Information
KB105 Voice Activation Process & Service Test Number
KB106 Multi-Location Trunks
KB107 International Calling Tiers
KB108 Unavailable & Unconditional Forwards
KB109 Calculating VoIP Bandwidth
KB110 Packet Capture Basics
KB111 Managing Auto Pay
KB112 Voice Configuration & Signaling Options
KB113 Understanding ACH (Automated Clearing House)