Panasonic Common Issues

Unable to set calling number (outbound caller ID)

If you are unable to change or set your calling number when making outbound calls, this can usually be resolved by setting a calling number in the FROM URI of your SIP header.

  • Under the Calling Party Tab, ensure that "Header Type" is set to the default value (From Header)
  • "User Part" should be PBX-CLIP

Only receiving Caller-ID (Calling Name) on the BTN or primary number

If you are receiving Caller-ID on only the primary number configured in the PBX and but not on any of the DIDs this is likely because only the MAIN CHANNEL is configured for CNIP. The settings for all channels do not follow those of the MAIN CHANNEL and setting CNIP to enabled on all channels in the "Supplementary Services Tab" should resolve your issue.

Unable to register / Phone system sending unregistration messages

If your phone system will not register and your packet capture shows a high volume of unregistration messages (SIP REGISTER messages with Expires=0), please navigate to the "Register" tab in your channel settings and ensure that "Unregister ability when port INS" is set to "Disable".