Feature Codes (Star Codes)

If you are using hosted and controlling your forwards through CommPortal you cannot use the Star Codes
Code Name Description
*11 Group Call Pickup Pick up an incoming call to a phone in your call pickup group (if subscribed & configured)
*12 Directed Call Pickup Pick up a call ringing on another user's phone (if subscribed & configured)
*67 Disable Calling Name Delivery for Single Call Dial *67 and then the number (*6714066527500) to block calling name delivery for a a single call
*69 Last Call Return Returns the last incoming call if possible
*72 Enable Unconditional Call Forwarding Immediately forward all calls to the number specified. Dial *72 followed by the number you wish to forward to as you would normally dial. A call will be placed to the forward destination for verification so you must stay on the line for it to be answered. Example *7214066527500. Deactivated by *73
*73 Disable Unconditional Call Forwarding Disable call forwarding activated by *72
*77 Enabled Anonymous Call Rejection Rejects all calls which do not send a calling number such as blocked or anonymous
*78 Enable Do Not Disturb (DND) Rejects all incoming calls with an announcement
*79 Disable Do Not Disturb (DND) Disable DND service activated by *78
*87 Disabled Anonymous Call Rejection Turns off Anonymous Call Rejection enabled by *77
*98 Voice Mail Access If subscribed to voice mail you can access with this feature code. You will be prompted for your PIN